Paper Chromatography

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Paper chromatography is a powerful technique used for separation. The basic idea is that a small spot of a mixture is placed on a piece of chromatography paper where it is absorbed by the paper. The bottom of the paper is then placed in a solvent. The solvent moves up the paper by capillary action, which occurs as a result of the attraction of the solvent molecules to the paper and to one another. As the solvent passes through the sample mixture, some parts of the mixture may be attracted to the solvent and follow it up the paper. Different types of molecules are transported different distances, depending on their attraction to the solvent or the paper, thus causing them to separate. Molecules that are strongly attracted to the solvent travel farther than molecules that are weakly attracted to the solvent.

Keywords: 5th grade, chromatography, solvent, capillary action, solution, mixture

Standards Addressed: 1f, 6h, 6i

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