Field Trip to UCSB Chemistry Lab

If you would like your 5th graders to visit our chemistry lab, please contact us early in the academic year (before the end of September is best) at

Workshops are scheduled on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings. We offer two consecutive 90 minute workshops at the following times: 9 –10:30 AM and 10:30 –12 noon. If your school has two 5th grade classes, both classes can come together on the same day.

We provide a cookie and juice/water in between the two workshops.

Cost: There is no cost to participate. However, you need to provide your own transportation. You can arrange for a school bus. If parents drive, they will need to pay for parking.

Waiver Form: In order to participate, all students must bring a waiver form signed by their parents. Please down load the waiver form from this web page. (English and Spanish versions available).

Pre-Lab Activities: To prepare your students before they visit the chemistry lab please go to the link called “Chemistry Lab Visit Preparation Pre Lab Activities” for pre-lab activities, vocabulary, and key concepts. Better prepared students will learn significantly more during their visit. Students bring two very shiny pennies: New pennies (2006 or 2007) work great. If they bring two shiny pennies, they will take home "silver" and "gold" pennies. Students can trade their old dirty oxidized pennies for shiny pennies at grocery or drug stores.

Combining Field trips: While one class visits the chemistry lab, you can arrange to have the other class do another activity on campus. The classes switch during the second session. For example, you can arrange to visit the Geology lab, the touch tanks at the Marine Science Institute, the Physics lab or a campus tour. More information is found in the information packet below.

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Field Trip to UCSB

This was by far the most valuable field trip I have ever been a part of. My students were well-informed about chemistry and its many real-life applications and found the lab to be absolutely fascinating. Working with Dr. van Koppen and university students was a treat that they still talk about months later. They learned about chemistry and also what it takes to be successful in a university. For many of my students, it was a turning point. When they came back to class, they were very engaged and took their education much more seriously because they now had a tangible goal to strive for. I recommend taking a quick tour of the Davidson library as well.

UCSB Chemistry Lab

The UCSB Chemistry Lab visit is touted as the best field trip by both parents, students, and teachers because it combines high level academic literacy with hands-on experiments monitored by university students who thoroughly engage our fifth grade class. Petra von Koppen has designed an excellent program in which prepatory lessons are provided on the website and experiments are high level california state standards based activities. Furthermore, she provides applicable background information by instructors and asks questions in which she can assess students' readiness for this program as well as assess what they learned after the field trip. After this visit, students' motivation increases for science and seeds are planted for further studies in this field at this university. I, personally, am very impressed with the level of expertise, professionalism, organization, and creativity of this program.
Tamara Mann
Juanamaria Elementary School
Ventura Unified School District

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